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Tax Portal Story

How does the secure tax portal work?

The tax portal is your private secure site to complete the 1040 TAX ORGANIZER and your access to your COMPLETED  ELETRONIC COPY OF YOUR TAX RETURN throughout the year.

Just complete the organizer on line. It's easy. It does not have to be completed at one time and yes if we have prepared your previous tax return, previous years information has been inserted for your review.

Your tax history is maintained for your state and federal tax returns on your own secure portal. You can access and print your current or past returns or portions of your returns we have completed for you. You can view the returns just like you did for the 1040 ORGANIZER.

Yes any time and when ever you want to!  No more trying to find old returns! No more filling up bank boxes or file cabinets with paper!  Just log on to and go to "Client Login"

                                      THE STORY

You are at your bank or attorney's office and you need  copies of your first two pages of your tax return.  Go to their computer and print what you need!!!!

You are in Europe and you need access to your returns. Just do it any time 24/7!

If you have any questions, please call MICHAEL J. KOSIAK CPA 847-304-4272